Jaguar escapes USA zoo enclosure, kills six other animals

Jaguar escapes New Orleans zoo enclosure, killing 4 alpacas, an emu and a fox

Jaguar escapes New Orleans zoo enclosure, killing 4 alpacas, an emu and a fox

Donze said a review will take place, as well as an investigation to find out how the jaguar escaped.

An adult male jaguar escaped its enclosure and fatally attacked four alpacas, one emu and a fox at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, according to a press release.

No animals or humans were hurt in that incident.

The big cat was first reported missing early Saturday (NZT Sunday) before the United States zoo opened, officials said, and less than an hour later it had been spotted, tranquilised and returned to its enclosure by veterinarians.

By 8:15 it had been spotted, tranquillised and returned to its enclosure by veterinary surgeons. One additional alpaca and two foxes were also injured in the incident, but survived and are being cared for by veterinarians, according to WDSU-TV. The zoo said it plans to investigate how the escape happened.

Jaguar escapes New Orleans zoo enclosure, killing 4 alpacas, an emu and a fox
‘Tragic loss’ at Audubon Zoo after jaguar escapes, kills six animals; zoo closed Saturday | The Sun Herald

But the Advocate said it found five other instances in the zoo's history when an animal escaped, including another jaguar that got loose. The zoo planned to reopen at 10am Sunday. But none of those incidents led to other animals being harmed or killed.

Zoo officials said they will not put the jaguar down under any circumstance.

Zookeepers say losing these animals is like losing loved ones. "So, we have a responsibility to protect them". Close to an hour later, officials from the Audubon Zoo had been able to not only find him but capture him and return the animal back to its habitat.

Such breakdowns, experts have told The Washington Post, do not happen only at shoddy zoos with slapdash animal-care practices.

Vice President and General Curator Jack Hamilton said the jaguar was "doing what jaguars do". "In over 100 year period, we've never had an incident to create a problem for the public".

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