No, Montenegro is not essential to USA national security interests

Чорногорія відповіла на слова Трампа про необхідність її захисту – новини

Чорногорія відповіла на слова Трампа про необхідність її захисту – новини

Trump should take up Warsaw on this offer. Even so, by 1992 Fischer was considered anathema to the USA government for generally being a thorn in its side.

"America does not have and will not have a better ally than Europe today. Why should my son go to Montenegro to defend it from attack?"

It's true, as Trump regularly points out, that the United States spends four per cent of its GDP on defence, but that's because it has military commitments all over the world. Its past ties to Russian Federation, with whom Montenegro shared a predominantly Slavic and Orthodox Christian culture, were so strong that its leaders were said to have declared a war on Japan in 1904 just to support Russian Federation.

Trump can further argue that Germany's actions beyond its inadequate defense spending have necessitated this move.

Speaking on the state of world affairs, Chancellor Angela Merkel took a shot at President Trump leadership, saying Europe could not longer "rely on the superpower of the United States". He's right. The pipeline not only makes Germany more dependent on Moscow for energy, it also risks the security of Poland and other Eastern European allies. In the east, 60 percent thought Europe did not need Washington, and in the west, 55 percent.

Trump also criticised the German chancellor for supporting a gas pipeline with Russian Federation.

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The president's characterization of Montenegro hit a nerve in the country, especially since Russia strongly opposed the country joining North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and "Russian state bodies" are implicated in an October 2016 plot to overthrow Montenegro's government and assassinate its prime minister.

He also had to backtrack on his claim that the United States was to blame for the heightened tension with Russian Federation, tweeting that "We're all to blame" and that he held "both countries responsible". The Post recently reported that US military commanders are anxious that if they had to quickly move USA troops east to head off a military conflict with Moscow, "the most powerful military in the world could get stuck in a traffic jam" as "Humvees ... snarl behind plodding semis on narrow roads" and "U.S. tanks ... crush rusting bridges too weak to hold their weight".

Trump still hopes to see the collapse of the European Union and, in particular, the collapse and destruction of the "Euro" as the single European currency, which will ultimately resolve the growing problems of America by eliminating and marginalizing the economic rivals.

NATO's collective defense clause has been activated only once in the alliance's almost 70-year history - following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the U.S. For Kim, Trump suspended military exercises on the Korean peninsula without consulting or even notifying South Korea - a move which has obvious and profound consequences for military readiness there. The Polish government has offered up to $2 billion to cover most of the costs of building such a base and supporting USA troops in Poland, declaring it is committed "to share the burden of defense spending [and] make the decision more cost-effective for the US government".

One is that Trump is Russia's man in the White House. When Trump spoke in Warsaw a year ago, his speech was repeatedly interrupted by chants of "Donald Trump!"

After meeting with Australian government ministers in Edinburgh, Mr Hunt admitted Donald Trump "had a point" when he complained that some countries were not contributing enough. Within a day he had been forced to admit, for the first time, that there had indeed been Russian meddling in the US election process in 2016.

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