Samsung investigates alleged Galaxy Note9 fire incident

Samsung Galaxy J4 to get a Plus edition soon

Samsung Galaxy J4 to get a Plus edition soon

It would appear that yet another Samsung flagship has taken the path of fire, as a Note 9 owner in NY claims their device suddenly went up in flames. The lady who goes by Diane Chung, a Long Island resident and an estate agent, reported that the phone was very hot while she was using it on September 3 in an elevator. Soon after that, she heard a weird noise from her bag which she described as "whistling and screeching" sounds. When the elevator reached the lobby and the doors opened, she kicked the phone out. She tried to empty the purse in the elevator, burning her hand in the process.

Oh, no! Have the Samsung Galaxy's exploding battery woes returned?

DJ Koh, Samsung's head of mobile division continued to reassure customers that the battery capacity present in the Galaxy Note 9 was not only larger, but it was also safer. Chung cites losing her contacts, the contents of her bag, and the traumatizing experience in her lawsuit that also calls on the ghosts of burned Galaxy Note 7s in 2016.

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This year, Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 9 with a huge 4000mAh battery to keep up with the growing battery standards in the industry.

Everyone remembers the ill-fated Samsung Galaxy Note7 saga all too well.

Ms. Chung is now filing a lawsuit against Samsung that along with damages is seeking to ban any further sales of the Note 9. He said that the engineers at Samsung are confident of its safety, and that users do not have to worry about batteries any more. Several cases of Note 7 smartphone catching fire were reportede from across the world, forcing the company to dump 2.5 million devices. They added that they have not received any reports of similar incidents involving a Galaxy Note9 device and they are still investigating the matter. Until Samsung comes out with its report, it's hard to say whether we are looking at a flaw in the battery or the incident is due to some external reasons.

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