Shocking! Jet Airways passengers suffer ear and nose bleeding mid-air

Melissa Tixiera via Reuters

Melissa Tixiera via Reuters

Jet Airways flight number 9W 0697 was turned back to Mumbai after half of the passengers on board experienced bleeding from their noses and ears.

Oxygen masks were deployed as soon as several passengers began showing visible symptoms.

"All guests were deplaned safely and taken to the terminal".

One of the 2 pilots of flight 9W 697, which returned to Mumbai after being airborne for around 23 minutes, is a captain with more than five years experience.

Melissa Tixiera via Reuters
Melissa Tixiera via Reuters

According to a statement from Jet Airways to Business Insider, "144 of the 166 guests of the original flight traveled to Jaipur via an alternative flight of the airline, while 17 of them wished to travel at another point in time". Quartz notes Jet Airways has been contending with other recent troubles as well, including debt and tax woes.

A Jet Airways passenger plane has made an emergency landing in Mumbai after the crew forgot to turn on cabin pressure, causing dozens of people to suffer ear and nose bleeds, officials say. The airline staff who were crewing the plane have now been pulled off the aircraft and have been taken off-duty, with an investigation into the same expected to take place shortly. India's Ministry of Civil Aviation has asked for a report ASAP from its investigatory arm, Al Jazeera reports. On Thursday, the 166 passengers on board a Jet Airways flight faced the similar situation as the cockpit crew "forgot" to control cabin pressure. Hence it is of the utmost importance that those responsible, take every measure possible to ensure the safety of their passengers. The flight, which was carrying 324 passengers, had landed safely. Jet Airways "posted a loss of about $189 million for the April-June quarter", the wire service said. A video taken on flight shows that high amount of smoke was noticed inside the plane. A passenger narrated how the oxygen masks got deployed after which the crew announced that the flight would return to Mumbai, triggering panic among some passengers.

The Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu has also ordered the DGCA to come up with a comprehensive safety audit plan to assess the compliance to safety parameters by all airlines.

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