Graham Calls For Probe of Kavanaugh Sex Assault Allegation Rollout

This image released by the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday Sept. 26 2018 in Washington shows Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh's calendar from the Summer of 1982

This image released by the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday Sept. 26 2018 in Washington shows Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh's calendar from the Summer of 1982

Mr. Graham said the way Democrats have deployed Ms. Blasey Ford's accusations made her as much a victim as Judge Kavanaugh.

"It's the beginning of a process that will tear this country apart", said Graham of the Kavanaugh hearings.

"We ought to do what we can to make sure that we do all due diligence with a nomination this important", he said, noting that the probe should be limited to current and credible allegations.

Graham also went out of his way to claim that Kavanaugh isn't a "stumbling, bumbling drunk" or a real rapist like Bill Cosby.

The Republican from SC then turned his attention back to Kavanaugh and asked: "Are you a gang rapist?"

"Of course. I mean, of course", said Kennedy. "It is just rank with politics". But while the 49-year-old Meacham agreed with Scarborough that the a "totally resilient country", he found one aspect of the Thursday, September 27 hearing to be especially troubling: the events at the hearing, according to Meacham, represented "the victory of tribalism" in the US -and his analysis is spot on. But even when it comes to something as serious as alleged sexual assault, Graham insists that independent thought on the part of Flake, Collins or Murkowski can not be tolerated.

Although Senate Judiciary Committee aides offered several options to Dr. Ford, allowing her to testify under oath near her horme in California or in private, Dr. Ford seemed at a loss when asked why she chose to testify in D.C., in front of cameras. "I hope the American people can see through this sham - that you knew about it and you held it".

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During a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting Friday considering the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Lindsay Graham surprised some with unexpected praise for former Vice President Joe Biden.

But Senate Democrats argue one week may not be enough time, with some saying they're concerned that the White House may be dictating the terms of the investigation.

"This is the most unethical sham since I've been in politics", Graham lashed out, accusing Democrats of deliberately withholding Blasey Ford's assault allegations until the conservative judge's confirmation process was almost complete.

"To my Republican colleagues: If you can ignore everything in this record, looking at an allegation that's 35 years old, that's uncertain in time, place, date, and no corroboration".

Graham said Thursday that Democrats sat on allegations against Kavanaugh and then sprung them on the nominee at the last minute in a desperate attempt to prevent his confirmation.

CNN reporter Suzanne Malveaux, who witnessed the exchange, wrote: "What I heard, and what the world would see live on CNN, was rage and pain". "I think we've been very fair". "[H] is obsession with these two votes, and him bringing them up constantly, suggests to me he's deeply hurt that he took a risk years back and Dems won't extend the same courtesy".

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