Flu season on the horizon

The New Zealand flu vaccine covers four of the viruses circulating globally including the Flu A

The New Zealand flu vaccine covers four of the viruses circulating globally including the Flu A

"What I do know is we need to get everyone vaccinated or as many people as we possibly can to prevent the spread of the flu".

"Flu vaccines have proven to be effective in preventing illness for many Manitobans", said Dr. Michael Isaac, Manitoba's acting chief provincial public health officer. Most standard-dose shots that people get this year will be quadrivalent, meaning they can protect against four viruses.

Where, and how much The good news is many people don't have to pay anything. She got a flu shot ahead of last year's influenza season and still came down with the flu.

Flu clinics will be held across the province later this month and in November.

Dunn said folks sometimes don't want to get a flu shot because they believe it will make them sick. It takes about two weeks after vaccination for antibodies that protect against flu to develop in the body. If you take a nasal spray, side effects include a runny or blocked nose, headache, tiredness, and loss of appetite.

In addition to the vaccination, you can help fend off the flu by keeping your immune defenses strong. During last winter's flu season, vaccines barely worked at all in keeping seniors out of the hospital, with roughly 24 percent effectiveness.

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Based on its flu monitoring around the country, at least 6300 people who visited a general practice and more than 1400 hospitalised patients have been infected with influenza this winter.

According to statistics from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 80,000 Americans died a year ago from the influenza and its complications. The lighthearted demonstration was accompanied by grim statistics from the 2017-18 flu season: 80,000 deaths overall, including 180 children. Even if you've had the vaccination before it's important to get it again because the type of virus in circulation changes every year and so the vaccine changes too.

Scotland County Health Department is reminding the public to protect yourself and everyone in your family who is 6 months and older with an annual flu vaccine! Still, despite the vaccine's performance, health officials continue to recommend the yearly flu shot as it offers more protection against the flu than skipping the vaccine.

It's also important to understand the flu is different from a cold.

Still, there are some people who should not be vaccinated without first consulting their doctor. The World Health Organization and the FDA in the United States have already selected the strains for the vaccine, and they've been tweaked to be more effective against the H1N1 strain, the main strain that caused the 2009 pandemic, and that was an issue in 2017 as well.

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