Trump Slams Kavanaugh Accuser Who Admitted to Lying

Brett Kavanaugh to be denied inaugural walk down supreme court steps

Brett Kavanaugh to be denied inaugural walk down supreme court steps

Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) forwarded a letter from a "Jane Doe" to Committee investigators, claiming that Kavanaugh and a friend had raped her "several times each" in the "backseat of a auto". Grassley penned a letter referring the matter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and urging them to bring charges against Monro-Leighton. Munro-Leighton said "I did that as a way to grab attention".

So this was just a stunt by some left-wing person who was frustrated Kavanaugh was going to be confirmed.

The 414-page report (pdf) on November 3 summarizes the investigative findings based on interviews with 45 people and a review of 25 written statements.

Grassley referred a man whose name is redacted from the report for criminal investigation after he admitted on Twitter to fabricating the allegations against Kavanaugh.

A woman, who accused United States judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, has confessed that she made up her claims because she was "angry".

In response to these false allegations, Sen.

In addition, Grassley also requested an FBI investigation into accuser Julie Swetnick and her attorney, porn star lawyer Michael Avenatti, who also represents Stormy Daniels.

The Senate Judiciary leader mentioned the seriousness behind the false claims made against Kavanaugh.

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"The Committee is grateful to citizens who come forward with relevant information in good faith, even if they are not one hundred percent sure about what they know", Grassley said on November 2.

Kavanaugh vehemently and consistently denied all charges.

"Such acts are not only unfair; they are potentially illegal", Grassley added.

One of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh's accusers admitted this week that she made up her lurid tale of a backseat vehicle rape, saying it "was a tactic" to try to derail the judge's confirmation to the Supreme Court.

I refuse to allow Donald J. Trump to use me or my story as an ugly chant at one of his Republican rallies.

Munro-Leighton, who said she called Congress multiple times to oppose Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court, also admitted she "just wanted to get attention" and that her actions were "just a ploy". She claimed another individual was in the room at the time and witnessed the whole thing. "And we're supposed to sit back and take it".

"What about the others?" he asked. "Kamala Harris on September 19 with details of this vicious assault". "She has stood by her charges - despite denials by Kavanaugh under oath".

October 3: The Senate Judiciary Committee received an email from Judy Munro-Leighton stating that she was the alleged "Jane Doe" from the letter. This time, the letter's author revealed herself as Judy Monro-Leighton. "Among accusers who came forth during the hearings is 43-year-old Deborah Ramirez, who - according to The New Yorker - alleges that Kavanaugh [exposed himself to her] during a party". Numerous people came forward with accounts of their past experiences with Kavanaugh, which ranged from sexual misconduct to habitual drinking.

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