Election Day Brought Voting Problems and Last-Minute Lawsuits in Georgia

Justice Department sending staff to monitor Tarrant County polling sites on Election Day

Justice Department sending staff to monitor Tarrant County polling sites on Election Day

The executive director of the New York City Board of Elections claims rain and "wet ballots" caused problems for voters at the polls on Tuesday - but failed to mention the state's restrictive voting laws and propensity to purge voters. "We had a feeling it was going to be a high turnout election".

Election workers in Ohio County had hoped to break the 4,000 early ballot mark before the close of early polls Saturday, but the ending figure was just 20 voters shy at 3,980.

Polling site officials, left, check on a voting scanner after it jammed, forcing voters to manually file their ballots until a fix was made, November 6, 2018, in the Parkchester community of the Bronx borough of NY.

The data suggests an electorate deeply engaged in voters' first real opportunity to offer a verdict on the presidency of Donald Trump, who has actively tried to turn the election into a referendum on himself.

Voters at Manhattan College also experienced issues, with only one machine working to count ballots.

Why so many problems voting in NYC today?

"There are broken scanners everywhere in Brooklyn", Stefan Ringel, spokesman for Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, said.

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Ringel said Adams and his staff were being flooded with phone calls, emails and text messages reporting breakdowns in more than a dozen neighbourhoods. If so, it was little consolation to those voters who in some cases spent hours lined up to cast a ballot - and sometimes never got to do so. "We haven't had time to even break today". "Voters have a right to be frustrated by long lines".

"Allowing one of the candidates to not just preside over their own election but misuse their office to give them an unfair advantage is just anti-democratic and unlawful", former Department of Justice Voting Rights Section attorney Bryan L. Sells, one of the attorneys representing the Georgia voters in their suit. As you know, there has been a lot of interest in this election and voter turnout was extremely high.

In Phoenix, a polling site was foreclosed on overnight.

For about an hour after polls opened Tuesday morning, a Sarasota County, Florida, precinct had to tell voters to come back later because their ballots were not available.

In Texas, home of a narrowly contested U.S. Senate race, delays were reported in Houston after apparent issues with registration check-in machines.

The Secretary of State's Office says all locations across Nevada have closed, almost three hours after its original 7 p.m. deadline.

Border Patrol agent Fidel Baca confirmed Tuesday that the exercise, in a Latino neighbourhood, was cancelled but declined to say why.

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