Day of reckoning approaches in high-stakes U.S. mid-term elections

The Latest: Trump praises Georgia Republican as 'strong man'

The Latest: Trump praises Georgia Republican as 'strong man'

All 435 seats in the U.S. House are up for re-election.

"He is putting people back to work", said retired postal worker Barbara Peacock, 58, as she leafed through Trump 2020 re-election merchandise at his rally in Macon, Georgia, on Sunday. The Republican president named Sessions' chief of staff, Matthew Whitaker, as acting attorney general and said he would nominate someone for the job soon.

But on the eve of the election, in a packed airport hangar in Cleveland and at other Trump rallies across the nation, the stakes are different: a vote to protect a leader they see as under siege, whose inflammatory rhetoric is a necessary price for a norm-shattering era of change. She urged Whitaker, who now oversees Special Counsel Robert Mueller and has argued Mueller's investigation has gone too far, to recuse himself from any involvement.

For many Americans, Tuesday's congressional midterm elections are a referendum on Republican President Donald Trump's divisive persona, hard-line policies and pugnacious politics. In a worrying break from recent tradition Mr Trump has refused to release his tax returns or make detailed financial disclosures about his hotel empire.

Trump said he could fire Mueller if he wanted but was hesitant to take that step.

Moscow denies meddling. Trump, calling the Mueller probe a witch hunt, has repeatedly said there was no collusion. But Democrats are widely favored to win the 23 seats they need to assume control of the House of Representatives. But Mr Trump's "Make America Great Again" foreign policy is nothing if not unpredictable.

But with turnout a key unknown factor and pollsters still unsure about the effect of Trump's maverick style on voters, both parties admit that they may be in for nasty surprises.

Indian-Americans emerge strong contenders almost a dozen Indian-Americans, some of them part of the so-called "Samosa Caucus", have emerged as strong contenders for Tuesday's high-profile United States midterm polls taking place at a time when the anti-immigrant sentiment is at its peak in the country.

The divided power in Congress combined with Trump's expansive view of executive power could herald even deeper political polarization and legislative gridlock in Washington. Nearly two-thirds of Republicans (64%) say immigration is extremely important to them, while that dips twenty points to 44% among Democrats.

"It really could be a attractive bipartisan situation", Trump said.

Trump's policies, he said, were making a difference for him: He said his manager at an aluminum electrical wire factory had credited Trump tariffs with raising their profits.

As he departed Washington on Monday, he said Democrats' "weak stand" on the issue "means nothing but crime". But she added: "We will have a responsibility to honor our oversight responsibilities and that's the path we will go down".

Rivers, Gordon leads Chargers past Seahawks 25-17
Carroll was uncertain the status of Carson or strong safety Bradley McDougald for Sunday's game against the NFC West-leading Rams. Given the volume the Seattle passing game saw, Wilson could have had an even bigger fantasy day with more explosiveness.

But the energy fizzled, she said.

There are indications that an oft-discussed "blue wave" may help Democrats seize control of at least one chamber of Congress.

The White House for days has been stressing the historical headwinds it faced: In the last three decades, 2002 was the only midterm election when the party holding the White House gained Senate seats.

One or other of the houses of Congress must be prepared to use their powers to hold inquiries and issue subpoenas to hold Mr Trump's administration to account. Legislators could also demand more transparency from Trump as he negotiates new trade deals with Japan and the European Union. And despite the impressive crowds at Trump rallies and the constant talk of his strong base, there are far more likely voters that strongly disapprove of the president than strongly approve of him.

How many Indian-American candidates are nominated?

"They did very poorly".

"I know many people feel good about earning more".

Thus, if Republicans lose control of the House on Tuesday, Cohen contends, "the blame should fall squarely on Trump's shoulders". His corporate tax cuts and the deregulation that have played a large hand in the US stock market's rally since the 2016 election, however, are likely to remain untouched.

Trump has delivered a very different closing argument, railing against Latin American immigrants seeking asylum at the USA border. Of the three races he targeted in the final day, the Republicans won all of them: Mike Braun defeated Democratic Sen.

"Of course, we want to work in a bipartisan fashion. I thought, 'Oh he's cool and he's a good speaker and an African-American guy, '" said Whorton, who is white. He threw himself into the campaign, issuing warnings about a caravan of Central American migrants headed through Mexico to the US border and condemnations of liberal American "mobs" he says oppose him. But White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders minimized the magnitude of Democratic gains.

Trump's shadow has hung over the midterm elections that will determine the future of his presidency, with the monthslong fight serving as a testing ground for his nationalist appeals and the strength of the coalition that powered him to the White House two years ago.

That's a slimmer edge than the party held in CNN's final poll before the 2006 midterm elections and similar to the Republicans' 10-point advantage just before the 2010 midterms. "The only check right now on the behaviour of these Republicans is you and your vote", Obama told supporters in Gary, Indiana, during a rally for endangered Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly.

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