Saudi women to start receiving divorce notice by text message

Saudi women have only just been allowed to get behind the wheel. Image AAP

Saudi women have only just been allowed to get behind the wheel. Image AAP

The text messages women are to receive about their marital status will include a certificate number and relevant court information, according to the government.

The measure approved by the justice ministry appears aimed at curbing seemingly rampant cases of men secretly ending marriages without informing their wives, AFP said.

Women in Saudi Arabia will now be notified about their divorce via text messages. "It is a tiny step, but it is a step in the right direction".

The match, which is set to be held on January 16th in Jeddah, has been hailed by Serie A president Gaetano Micciche as a "historic" match that could drive Saudi women to take up the sport.

But Abu-Dayyeh said knowing about a divorce does not mean a woman will get alimony or the custody of her children.

What can Saudi women still not do?

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The new regulations follows a historic end to the country's decades-old ban on female drivers previous year and is said to be part of a transformation spearheaded by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

But despite limited reforms over the last decade - including opening up sports stadiums and cinemas - Saudi women continue to be repressed by the country's male guardianship system.

Pleading her case on Twitter, the woman - who wanted to seek asylum in Australia - said she was trying to flee her family, who subjected her to physical and psychological abuse. It controls women in each and every step of their lives.

A group of British parliamentarians and lawyers on Wednesday requested an "urgent response" from the Saudi ambassador by January 9 to allow them to speak with the detained activists.

The reform is one of several brought in by the new Crown Prince, 33-year-old Mohammed bin Salman, left, who is believed by intelligence agencies to have ties to the murder and dismemberment in a Saudi consulate of prominent critic of the regime, Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, right.

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