LG Signature OLED TV R literally rolls up inside its own base

LG Display declares war on motion blur with big screen OLED panels

LG Display declares war on motion blur with big screen OLED panels

The OLED R can be used in two other modes as well as in its full-screen position - a Line View where the TV only peeks above its base and can be used to show the time or weather information, or the Zero View, where the screen is completely hidden but the soundbar can still be used as a music device.

We've been consistently impressed by LG's OLED TVs in the past, since the panel technology produces ideal black levels and impressively wide color gamuts based on our lab tests.

Today at LG's CES press event, one of the more intriguing announcements was the fact that LG is bringing its rollable OLED TV technology as an actual product later in 2019. But though it's the most impressive display, LG's also showcasing its impressive rollable TVs, which have gone from concept to viable product.

The rollable OLED TV is a game-changer for a variety of reasons.

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United States firms that rely on Chinese consumers have also been impacted by the country´s economic slowdown. Its one-sentence announcement gave no other details of the agenda or who else would take part.

The Full View, as its name implies, offers a 65-inch Oled TV for the full viewing experience. "The panel is of 65" dimensions - we now don't have any more information about the technical specifcations of the panel, other than it is seemingly powered by LG's newly announced second generation Alpha9 SoC.

With support for AirPlay 2, users can easily play videos from iTunes and other video apps, music, photos and directly from their Apple devices to their LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R. With Apple HomeKit support, customers will be able to control their LG TV using the Home app or by asking Siri.

Another feature of the TV punted by LG is its built-in sound system, which packs 4.2-channel output (100W) and support for Dolby Atmos.

Apart from featuring Google Assistant voice assistant, the new LG TVs in 2019 will also sport Amazon Alexa voice assistant.

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