Trump Campaign Chairman's 'Misstatements' Were 'Unintentional,' His Lawyers Say

Can you redact that suit jacket though

Can you redact that suit jacket though

Attorneys for President Trump's former campaign chairman tried to obscure this and other revelations in a document made public Tuesday, but the text beneath the black bars could still be copied and pasted into a new document.

Mr Mueller is investigating alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

The defence document acknowledges Manafort conceded he had met with Mr Kilimnik in Madrid only after being told that they had travelled to the city on the same day.

Defense counsel for Manafort claim their client "did not recall having a conversation" with two Trump administration officials and that his recollection about contacts with Kilimnik is "unsurprising", because "these occurrences happened during a period when Mr. Manafort was managing a USA presidential campaign and had countless meetings, email communications, and other interactions with many different individuals, and traveled frequently".

A hearing has been tentatively scheduled on the matter for January 25 if the judge deems it necessary, though Manafort's attorneys did not request one in the filing Tuesday.

After leveling that accusation, prosecutors filed a heavily-redacted court document describing five areas in which Manafort is accused of lying to government investigators, including misleading statements about his contacts with Trump administration officials.

A jury in Alexandria, Va., convicted Manafort on charges of bank and tax fraud in August, after which he agreed to plead guilty to two separate charges and cooperate with Mueller's investigation.

The New York Times followed up with more details of the hand-off, reporting that Manafort instructed Kilimnik to provide the information to Deripaska, a billionaire aluminum magnate with close ties to Vladimir Putin.

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Manafort's attorneys did not respond to a request for comment Tuesday about the filing error, though they corrected it in the court's official record. They said Manafort was unclear on how the payment was recorded by his accountant.

The errant admissions in Manafort's court filing also acknowledge that a person wanted to use his name when meeting President Donald Trump.

Manafort's attorneys reported he has been suffering from severe gout, anxiety and depression - conditions that may have affected his ability to recall events during his tumultuous service on the Trump campaign. He was also accused of lying about his interactions with Kilimnik and another unspecified Justice Department investigation.

I was focused yesterday on the indictment of Natalia Veselnitskaya and only considered briefly the apparently inadvertent disclosures by Paul Manafort's lawyers concerning their client's contacts with a business associate with ties to Russian intelligence.

The conspiracy charges against Manafort are related to his consulting work advising pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine.

Media captionDonald Trump: "I feel very badly for Paul Manafort" What's next? This does not constitute outreach by Mr. Manafort to the President.

His lawyers reminded the court that Manafort had been co-operative and had no motive to lie, having voluntarily offered his electronic devices and communications to the government. He is due to be sentenced in that case next month.

Manafort faces a tentative March 5 sentencing date in his federal case in the District.

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