FBI Opened Probe Into Whether Trump Was Working For Russians

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The White House lashed out against "disgraced partisan hack" James Comey and "known liar" Andrew McCabe on Friday after a report that the FBI - after President Trump fired Comey as the bureau's director - opened a secret inquiry into whether Trump had been working on behalf of Russian Federation against American interests.

United States President Donald Trump is not new to investigations, be it over his reported affairs or tax evasion allegations.

Former law enforcement officials told the Times that the criminal aspect (whether Trump obstructed justice) and counterintelligence aspect (whether Trump was working covertly for Russia) of the investigation were combined into one inquiry because it would have been considered a national security threat if Trump had indeed ousted Comey to impede the Russian Federation investigation.

The case was then referred to special counsel Robert Mueller as part of his investigation into whether Russian agents interfered with the 2016 election, the Times reported, adding that it is not clear whether the special counsel has continued that part of the investigation.

Law enforcement officials became concerned by Mr Trump's behaviour in May 2017, when he sacked Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey, the paper says.

One aspect of that investigation - whether Trump's firing of Comey represented obstruction of justice - has been previously reported.

However, Giuliani hoping to "correct" the report is a legally dubious statement.

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FBI investigated US President Trump for possible secret Russian favours, reports say.

"Unlike President Obama, who let Russian Federation and other foreign adversaries push America around, President Trump has actually been tough on Russian Federation", she said.

An American presidential campaign chairman handing over of internal polling data to a corporate associate of a foreign power is unusual, at best.

The criminal aspect concerned the president's sacking of Mr Comey, and whether it was an obstruction of justice. "In the face of those lies, a whole lot of good people... believe that nonsense", Comey told reporters in the halls of the US Senate on December 17.

Mr Trump, who has repeatedly and vociferously denied collusion with the Russian Federation, has frequently criticised the Mueller investigation as a "witch hunt".

The Times said it was unclear whether Mr Mueller is still pursuing the counterintelligence angle.

The paper's report cited unnamed former law enforcement officials, "others familiar with the investigation", and the congressional testimony of former FBI general counsel James.

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