Instagram's most-liked post is now just an egg, sorry Kylie Jenner

Instagram's most-liked post is going to be an egg, sorry Kylie Jenner

Instagram's most-liked post is going to be an egg, sorry Kylie Jenner

It appears Kylie Jenner's birth announcement, which previously held the record for the most likes on Instagram - 18 million - was not all it was cracked up to be.

As of Monday, the egg was still the only entry on the Instagram account "world_record_egg". I mean even I have a favourite egg account if you're into watching someone pop poached eggs on the reg.

Kylie's picture which introduced daughter Stormi Webster to the world with the picture was initially the most liked picture of all time with over 18 million likes.

Jenner had some fun with the contest by posting a meme of her attempt to fry an egg on hot concrete.

After publishing the photo on January 4, the egg steadily gained traction with 9 million likes by Sunday morning. "We got this", the post read. The page itself has 3.4 million followers. Many saying, "You can do it, egg!". That post has more than 16 million views.

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The previous record, held by Kylie, belonged to the first-ever photo she posted of her daughter Stormi on Feb 7, 2018. "What a time to be alive", it said.

Jenner has responded with a post of her smashing an egg.

Not hardly. As of Monday morning, the photo, posted to the account of @world_record_egg, had racked up almost 28 million likes. Are those creeps from the Egg Council finally getting to us too?

Will they succeed? Only time will tell!

Your play, egg. Seems like this feud might just be heating up. "It's been a whirlwind week and I've just been running with it", the account owner wrote. Who knows! Maybe Kylie Jenner is hard at work brainstorming new ways to take her title back.

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