The Matador & the Bull: Pelosi Outplays Trump in Ending Gov’t Shutdown

Broken man: Right wing rips Trump over no-wall shutdown deal

Broken man: Right wing rips Trump over no-wall shutdown deal

Democratic resistance to Republican Trump's demand for $5.7 billion for a border wall resulted in a 35-day shutdown of about a fourth of the USA government, a closure that just ended on Friday.

The dispute shuttered about a quarter of USA government operations for 35 days, before Trump on Friday agreed with a Democratic demand to reopen the government until February 15, without any wall funding, while the two sides negotiate over border security funding.

The acting White House chief of staff also said Trump would stay firm in his demand for $5.7 billion to build his border wall.

His chief of staff was also warning that it could happen again.

The White House challenged opposition Democrats on Sunday to prove they want tough security on the southern border with Mexico now that the longest-ever partial government shutdown has ended and the clock is ticking on a three-week window for negotiations.

"An aid to former Republican House Speaker John Boehner, Michael Steel, noted that Trump missed the opportunity to get what he wanted prior to what is now considered to be an unnecessary government shutdown". He doesn't want to declare national emergency.

Mulvaney spoke Sunday on CBS' "Face the Nation" and "Fox News Sunday". But really, what Democrats are opposed to is $5.7 billion dollars for the wall, no matter what kind of wall (or fence) it is.

The stopgap measure will provide the 800,000 federal employees who were either furloughed or working unpaid during the shutdown with back pay but does not include funding provisions for the border wall that Trump promised during his campaign trail. "Frankly I think it's something the American people look at in a very negative way when they look at Nancy Pelosi trying to hold the State of the Union hostage as part of this debate over border security", Scalise said.

Mulvaney said the president didn't want another shutdown, but he would do it if necessary.

The standoff had centred around his demands for $US5.7 billion ($8.3 billion) in funding for a southern border wall.

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Mulvaney said Trump agreed to temporarily end the shutdown because some Democrats have stepped forward, publicly and privately, to say they agree with Trump's plan to better secure the border. And a longtime confidant said Trump has grown increasingly frustrated by news coverage of his concession to Democrats and has been encouraged by conservative allies to escalate the fight.

'This is a serious humanitarian and security crisis, and as President of the United States, he takes the security of the nation as his highest priority.

All the while Pelosi has maintained a solid bloc of Democratic support, reportedly confounding a president who expected her caucus to fracture under pressure.

Mulvaney said the President is not seeking a "2000-mile sea to shining sea" wall.

Sen. Roy Blunt said that he thinks a compromise is possible.

Jeffries said Democrats are willing to invest in additional infrastructure, especially at legal ports of entry where the majority of drugs come into the country.

Gidley said that Trump had repeatedly asked for the sort of border funding that US security officials said they needed, only to encounter intransigent Democrats in Congress.

The president also tweeted Sunday that the cost of illegal immigration so far this year was almost $19 billion; he didn't cite a source. "I happen to agree with the president on barriers at the border and border security as an important first step, but there might be a future president that I don't agree with that thinks something else is an emergency", Blunt said on "Fox News Sunday", adding that he hopes "the president doesn't have to go there". I know that some people want to stick their head in the sand and say that's not the case.

Trump was initially scheduled to give his address on January 29, before House Speaker Nancy Pelosi last week rescinded his invitation to speak at the US House of Representatives. "We're still in the middle of negotiations".

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