Pompeo reassures allies of United States commitment to defeat ISIL

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"My administration has acted decisively to confront the world's leading state sponsor of terror: the radical regime in Iran", he said.

He played down the U.S. planned withdrawal from Syria saying it was a tactical change rather than a retreat in their involvement, adding that: "America will continue to lead in giving those who would destroy us no quarter". He had said in December that the pullout would proceed quickly.

Following Pompeo, Iraq Foreign Minister Mohammed Ali Al-Hakim called for more "logistical and technical support" to hold ISIS fighters accountable for attacks on Iraqis, particularly ethnic and religious minorities, but also stressed that the task there must move toward stabilisation and not just open warfare.

However, military generals, intelligence chiefs and members of the president's Republican Party warned against an IS resurgence in the war-torn country.

"We do have to keep pressure on this network, it is a resilient network".

"I know that we've been given an order to deliberately withdraw", West said, adding that USA forces "do not need to be co-located to keep the pressure on the enemy".

"The fact is the president made a decision and we are going to execute his orders to withdraw forces from Syria and as we do that we are going to do that in a very deliberate manner", Votel told lawmakers.

But how the fight will proceed and when USA troops will leave Syria are unclear. Russia, along with Turkey and Iran, is a guarantor of the ceasefire in Syria.

"Don't overburden Iraq with your own issues", he added.

Northwest measles outbreak revives debate over vaccine laws
Two doses of the vaccine are about 97 percent effective at preventing measles; one dose is about 93 percent effective. Scott Lindquist, a Washington state epidemiologist, said the state health department is seeing new cases every day.

Melanie Nezer, senior vice president of public affairs for the agency, said in a statement that "Stories of Holocaust survivors are reminders that we should welcome the stranger and protect the refugee".

"Our approach is based on principled realism, not discredited theories that have failed for decades to yield progress", Trump said Tuesday. "For this reason, my administration recognised the true capital of Israel - and proudly opened the American Embassy in Jerusalem", Trump said.

He said he wanted to wait for the official word before making any announcement.

He also took another swipe at the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. Trump also called attention to his efforts to rewrite trade deals with China and other nations to make the terms more favorable to the United States.

The U.S. president admittedly pre-empted a formal announcement as he delivered remarks at a televised State Department event, where he proclaimed, 'I don't want to say too early'. The nationally televised address gave Trump his biggest opportunity to date to explain why he believes a barrier is needed on the United States southern border with Mexico.

The official said the U.S. administration was "a little surprised by the reaction" by Iraqi leaders to Mr Trump's recent comments that U.S. troops watch Iran from Iraq. We have spent more than $7 trillion in the Middle East.

Every member of Congress - both the Senate and House of Representatives - is allowed to invite someone to accompany him or her to the president's annual speech.

Murad was taken to Mosul, the Iraqi "capital" of IS's self-declared caliphate. "They used the internet brilliantly but now it's not so brilliant and now the people on the Internet that used to look up to them and say how wonderful and brilliant they are [are] not thinking of them as being so brilliant because they've been decimated", he said.

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