The Huawei Mate X has been previewed at MWC19 already

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Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which opens up like a book to provide a larger tablet-like experience, the design of the Mate X sees the larger screen wrap around the outside of the gadget, rather than being enclosed on the inside.

An onstage demonstration showed the convenience of the new feature but you'll have to have a Huawei phone to take advantage of it.

Huawei has launched its foray into foldable smartphones, with the Huawei Mate X officially unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2019 as a competitor to Samsung's Galaxy Fold and a device that could focus on productivity. "The new device has nothing to envy to Samsung's latest Galaxy Fold announcement".

Huawei's decision to have the cameras on a bar module that you hold at one end seems to be the correct decision here and is reminiscent of the Kindle Oasis.

Huawei here has opted for a novel asymmetric design where one half of the screen is narrower than the other one.

The extra screen means that it can act like a mirror for when you take a picture of someone. LG has also been developing its flexible OLED displays so we can be sure to have more of these foldable phones in the near future.

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The Mate X display form factor is an almost-square 8 to 7.1 when open, with a resolution of 2480 x 2200 pixels. Featuring what Huawei calls a falcon wing hinge and a flexible exterior screen, the Mate X's design is nearly the exact opposite of what Samsung did with the Galaxy Fold.

The magic happens underneath the display on the back, where what Huawei is referring to as its Falcon Wing Hinge design is found. It's to be noted that this seems to be the weak-point of Huawei's design as it doesn't look almost as refined as Samsung's attempt. At the pre-brief we weren't able to actually get our hands on the phone, but one unit of the presenter had a notable "waviness" of the screen where the hinge was. On close inspection, there is a button that is pressed to "pop" the screens apart when they are in phone mode, then the phone can be folded apart and made into a tablet. With that much power, Samsung has built in two batteries into the phone to compensate. Because there's two batteries, they can be charged at the same time at high charging rates. Within 30 minutes, Huawei promises, you can charge the Mate X up to 85-percent - or around 3,825 mAh - from fully discharged.

When folded, the thinner side of the Mate X tucks in nicely against the spine.

"We want it to be accessible to virtually any consumer out there", Gerdon added.

Huawei set the ball rolling with the Mate X, it's version of the foldable phone, while HMD Global announced the Nokia 9 Pureview with five cameras. Do you think Apple will release a foldable iPhone? It's massive, and rightly so considering the equally massive display it's expected to power, not to mention the 5G and Kirin 980 chipset.

This device is advertised as “the worlds thinnest foldable phone” - it is 11 mm thick when the Mate X is folded. The particular 5G chip it uses is the Balong 5000 and quad antennas. The system has full massive MIMO and mmWave support.

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