Lego announces its own foldable device with an 'infinite' battery

Samsung Galaxy Buds Review Air Pods lessons learned

Samsung Galaxy Buds Review Air Pods lessons learned

Lego mocked Samsung and Huawei with its own "folding phone" - in fact a 3D pop-up book photographed to look like a Samsung Galaxy Fold. There was little chance of it being a one-time device.

Samsung has not commented on the report.

"No one knows what the ideal design is yet", said Bryan Ma, vice president of devices research at IDC. One of the devices would fold away from the user like the Huawei Mate X instead of inward, as the Galaxy Fold does.

The clamshell foldable phone with a vertically unfolding screen is one that Samsung is planning to reveal to the public late this year or early in the next year. It is thinner without an extra screen.

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Samsung can now produce approximately 2.4 million foldable display a year.

The vast praise didn't end there, with Soneira further describing the S10's color accuracy as "visually indistinguishable from flawless, and nearly certainly considerably better than your existing smartphone, living room HDTV, tablet, laptop, and computer monitor". However, the W series has largely been limited to China but this may be the first time it gets released elsewhere. Samsung will be live streaming the launch event which is slated to start at 12.30 PM IST wherein DJ Koh will be unveiling the Galaxy S10 series in India.

The report also remarked that Samsung now has the capability to produce almost 2.4 million foldable displays in a year and is mulling over ramping up production to 10 million per year.

While Samsung works on new models, it's also trying to improve the durability of the Galaxy Fold's display. The crease develops on the protective film on top of the display and not on the OLED panel itself, and so far it seems that Samsung has not found a way to fix this as the company considers offering free screen replacements.

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