Shake-up at Homeland Security goes beyond Nielsen’s exit

US President Donald Trump thanked Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen for her service on Twitter

US President Donald Trump thanked Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen for her service on Twitter

On Sunday, Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was forced out of her position in an ouster partially engineered by White House Senior Adviser (and immigration hardliner) Stephen Miller.

Top Republicans are expressing concern over vacancies at the Department of Homeland Security and cautioned President Donald Trump off more shake-ups after the resignation of Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

Nielsen went into the White House on Sunday to meet with Trump.

Nielsen's carefully worded resignation letter suggests she is unlikely to break with the White House as she returns to private life. The AP story also said she was also angered by Trump aides interfering with her leadership decisions.

Krikorian described a turf war between ICE and Border Patrol, and questioned whether McAleenan will be nominated to permanently lead the department.

The official singled out Citizenship and Immigration Services as "the biggest bottleneck" in changing immigration rules, but declined to comment about possible personnel changes at that agency or DHS's legal office. He then pulled his nomination of Ronald Vitiello, his pick to lead ICE, and reportedly forced the resignation of Kirstjen Nielsen, the most aggressive Homeland Security secretary in U.S. history. McAleenan is a longtime border official who is well-respected by members of Congress and within the administration. For all of her immoral actions, Nielsen simply wasn't barbaric enough for this administration.

Nielsen may be just one of the people Miller has targeted for ousting. According to Politico, the White House adviser has been "telephoning mid-level officials at several federal departments and agencies to angrily demand that they do more to stem the flow of immigrants into the country, according to two people familiar with the calls", the outlet reported. "So basically, the only job she can get now is working for R. Kelly".

Trump replaces homeland security chief
Congress to pass major legislation. "I am pleased to announce that Kevin McAleenan , the current U.S. CNN is reporting Trump ousted Nielsen following months of reported tensions between the two.

But by October she was back at DHS, this time as secretary.

Both US and worldwide law prohibit the US from refusing entry to people who are in danger of prosecution in their home countries; both US statute and court settlements offer extra due-process protections to asylum seekers, children, and families.

"We do not have a policy of separating families at the border". She returned to Washington immediately after the visit, while Trump continued on to California and Nevada.

One individual changing her tone or sending Nielsen the slightest semblance of praise happens to be Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, who has also not been one to hold her tongue on social media. Miller, according to the senator, has not accomplished "anything" for the president. "I will continue to support all efforts to address the humanitarian and security crisis on the border".

But there's no doubt that the president is exasperated with the flood of immigrants at the border, tweeting on Monday: "Country is full!"

Gidley, the White House spokesman, acknowledged that numerous immigration changes Trump wants - like overhauling the program that grants preference to people with USA citizen or legal resident relatives; and the visa lottery process - would require congressional action.

"It's a totally different environment than a normal cabinet secretary leaving a normal administration, especially with her overseeing a lot of very controversial policies that have upset a lot of people", said Matt Lattimer, who served under President George W. Bush and is co-founder of the Javelin literary agency.

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