Deadly, drug-resistant fungus spreading through hospitals — CDC

There's A Fungus Spreading That Could Kill People in 90 Days and is Resistant to Drugs. Here's What You Need to Know- WORLD OF BUZZ

There's A Fungus Spreading That Could Kill People in 90 Days and is Resistant to Drugs. Here's What You Need to Know- WORLD OF BUZZ

- Federal health authorities are warning about an emerging fungu that presents a serious global health threat and is showing up in NY and New Jersey.

The strain of Candida auris cultured in a petri dish. Its name is derived from "auris", the Latin word for ear.

"The sicker you are, the more of a problem you have with your immune system, the more procedures you have done, then you will be much more prone to get Candida auris", Dr. Louie said.

The Brooklyn patient died 90 days after being admitted to hospital, but the Candida Auris did not disappear. It spread easily, killed rapidly and preyed upon each healthcare facility's weakest patients.

First identified in Japan in 2009, the fungus has spread to more than 12 countries around the globe.

"In the fungal world, C.auris is a bad bug", says Dr Abdul Ghafur, Coordinator with the Chennai Declaration on AMR. Recently discovery of resistant fungi in addition to resistant bacteria, compounds the situation and raises the risk level to a new high.

Because symptoms can vary greatly, a laboratory test is needed to determine whether a patient has a C. auris infection.

Candida Auris is a potentially life-threatening fungal infection (Photo: Shutterstock)What are the signs and symptoms? In some cases, medical facililaties have been forced to tear out flooring and ceiling tiles as part of their decontamination process. One of the things that makes it so especially risky is that it's resistant to major anti-fungal medications, according to the Times.

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A deadly fungal infection that is resistant to major antimicrobial medications is spreading globally, and scientists aren't sure where it came from. She called the fungus "worrisome" because it's drug resistant.

This was done to "enable a coordinated and broad-based response to infectious threats of public health importance", the spokesman said. One theory is that the use of crop fungicides has created a pathogen that's evolved and learned how to outwit its killer.

Candida auris is a fungus that is getting health experts nervous not only because it's drug-resistant, but also because it is fast-acting. In Chicago, some nursing homes have indicated at least 50 percent of their residents have tested positive for the virus.

5. New York Currently Has the highest number of Cases in the U.S.

As of February 2019, there are 587 confirmed cases of candida auris in the United States alone.

New York City has the most C. auris cases in the country with 309; New Jersey has 104; CT has one.

As of March 18, the Department of Health for NY said it had recorded 309 cases of the disease where the patient fell ill while it found an additional 429 cases where people carried the disease on their body but weren't infected. The health department stated that 1 in 3 people die from this infection. "These protocols include site reviews to assess infection control compliance", testing environmental samples and requiring clinical staff to participate in advanced infection control educational programs.

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