Redacted Mueller report set for release

Former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

Former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

This decision could affect the disclosure of the grand jury material in the Mueller report; based on the ruling, Democrats would likely have to start the impeachment process before asking a judge to release grand jury information.

White House officials and sources close to the administration say advisers to the president are most concerned about the possibility of previously unknown examples of potential obstruction of justice and what information Mueller's team learned from witness interviews, especially former White House Counsel Don McGahn who sat for well over 30 hours with Mueller's investigators.

Ray, the former independent counsel, said the general rule to redact information on non-indicted persons typically does not apply to the president, for two reasons: The president has the ability to defend himself publicly, and there is an overriding public interest to evaluate the president's conduct.

Barr said he will redact information related to investigations connected to the Mueller probe that are still underway.

There will be two versions of the redacted special counsel report, with one being released to the public and one that will eventually go to a limited number of members of Congress with fewer redactions, the Justice Department said Wednesday. That announcement prompted immediate criticism from congressional Democrats, who predicted Barr would try to color the report's findings early in the day.

And that's all we know for sure.

Mr. Trump, meanwhile, is trying to keep the public focused on Mr. Mueller's bigger conclusion that there was no criminal conspiracy with Russian Federation - undercutting the narrative that launched the lengthy investigation. A similar percentage, 53%, say Congress should take steps to impeach Trump if he is found to have obstructed justice, even if he did not have inappropriate contacts with Russian Federation.

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The total Mueller report is almost 400-pages long, but Barr has been working with the special counsel's office to redact four kinds of information from the document: grand jury material, foreign intelligence, facts relating to ongoing investigations and information about people who were not charged with a crime. Instead, Mueller presented evidence on both sides of that question.

Bookmakers were offering odds on how Mr. Trump would react, such as how many times he will use "exonerate" or "exonerated". Still, as far as what's known to the public, social-media-driven theories about Trump negotiating "a deal" to leave office amount to little more than wishful thinking. The White House likely will claim final vindication. About a third think the department has shared too little with the White House, which has argued that portions of the report should be kept confidential if they involve private conversations of the president subject to executive privilege. This follows a long-standing Justice Department precedent to not release damaging information about uncharged individuals because they can not defend themselves in court.

"It's a total phony", Trump said of all allegations to Minneapolis TV station KSTP this week. "It was a big con job and everybody knows it... This crime was all made up, it was all a fabrication and that's come out loud and clear".

Barr, a Trump appointee as the country's top law enforcement official, said last week he believes that top American intelligence agencies spied on the Trump campaign. None of the indictments against any Trump campaign officials had anything to do with the 2016 election.

Barr later softened his tone to "I am not saying improper surveillance occurred".

It later states "With the goal to discredit what's coming, Trump and his allies have unleashed a series of broadsides against Mueller's team and the Democrats pushing for full release of the final report".

Federal and state prosecutors across the country - from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., and the Southern District of NY - are pursuing several inquiries and investigations that grew out of the Mueller probe.

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