British PM tells Labour: Let's do a deal on Brexit



Speaking to reporters afterwards, she said there had been progress in the weeks of talks between the Conservatives and Labour to find a Brexit deal which passes parliamentary muster.

The parties have been in negotiations for over a month to try to broker a Brexit deal that can secure majority support in parliament, after May's minority government suffered three heavy defeats on her preferred deal this year and was forced to delay Britain's departure.

"There is a deal that could be done in the next few days. and I really hope we can get to that point", she said, describing the results as "a kick up the backside".

David Davis backs Dominic Raab as next Conservative leaderIt comes amid further calls for Theresa May to step down as Prime Minister following the recent local election results, which saw the Conservatives lose almost 1,300 seats.

Talks between Labour and the Conservatives are to resume on Tuesday. The news report also mentioned that Theresa May is preparing to make new proposals of a temporary customs union until the next election, matching EU employment rights in the future and alignment of single market regulations on goods.

And asked on BBC One's Andrew Marr Show if he trusted Mrs May, he replied: "No, sorry, not after this weekend when she's blown the confidentiality I had and I actually think she's jeopardised the negotiations for her own personal protection".

A customs union would upset the most pro-Brexit members of the Conservative Party who say it does not honour the terms of the country's 2016 vote to leave the EU.

Theresa May faces Tory anger after disastrous local election results
He said: "This is absolutely about Brexit and Theresa May - everyone has asked us when are we getting rid of her". Labour , which would typically aim to gain hundreds of seats in a mid-term vote, instead lost 81.

Mr Stewart added: "Labour and Conservatives at the moment are suffering from this whole Brexit thing - tortuous, sort of endless, Brexit thing and we've got to get beyond it".

Other members, including numerous influential backbench 1922 Committee of MPs have told Mrs May to go or suggested that they will change party rules in order to force a second vote of no confidence in her leadership.

However, the sources did not think a deal was necessarily imminent, as Labour might wish to delay any agreement until after the European elections to maximise the damage to May.

Theresa May has held secret discussions over a three-way second referendum ahead of a crunch meeting with Labour this week to agree a cross-party Brexit deal.

According to lobby group People's Vote, 100 Conservative backbenchers are on the record saying they'd oppose such a deal, while Labour frontbenchers including Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer and Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry have stated they would not back a customs union Brexit.

"They don't want us to bail the prime minister out of the problem of her own making, and a very large number of our members think the people should decide on what that deal looks like". "Accepting there'd be no new referendum would split Labour".

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