GOP Slams Ilhan Omar's Tweet on Israel-Gaza Conflict as Anti-Semitism

The escalation in violence has claimed more lives including those of two infants

The escalation in violence has claimed more lives including those of two infants

Gaza's residents survey the damage after a weekend of Israeli strikes, which left dozens dead.

The global Israeli news agency Tazpit Press Service (TPS) reported that Islamic Jihad representatives offered compensation to the family for the death of the baby and a woman who may have been her mother.

The region's people have faced a blockade by Israel and Egypt for 12 years, which has crippled Gaza's economy as it tries to deteriorate the Hamas militant group's power that's reigned since 2007.

But no official confirmation of such a ceasefire deal has come from Israel or its military.

Omar's comments follow terrorists firing over 600 rockets into southern Israel, killing at least four Israelis.

Trump wrote on Twitter: "Once again, Israel faces a barrage of deadly rocket attacks by terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad".

Israel, for its part, will facilitate the money transfer to Ramallah and the suitcases of cash to Gaza City (banks are prohibited from handling money transfers to Hamas because it is on the U.S. list of terror organizations).

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Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza have fought three wars since 2008 and the escalation brought them to the brink of another. 23 Palestinians, including two pregnant women and two infants, were killed, as Israeli struck hundreds of targets in Gaza.

Egyptian negotiators are now obliged to accept Islamic Jihad as as equal partner, represented not only by its leader Ziad Nahala, but also by its field commander Bahu Abu al-Ata, who now also has a seat at the table.

"Over the past two days, we have hit Hamas and Islamic Jihad with great force, attacking over 350 targets and terrorist leaders and activists, and destroying terrorist infrastructure", Netanyahu said in a statement. The flow of funds was made all the more urgent by the advent of the Muslim fasting month, Ramadan, which began on Monday. "As the siege becomes stronger and the economic situation gets worse we don't feel we have any other choice except to put pressure on Israel this way", he said.

In November, the Gulf state, which is a longtime Hamas ally, committed to providing around $15 million a month in aid to Gaza over six months.

During the flare-up, Israel said it carried out its first targeted assassination in Gaza after a hiatus of several years.

"When we have the upper hand, we need once and for all to finish the terror because this will repeat itself and will not stop", said Jacque Mendel, a resident of the coastal city of Ashdod, where a man was killed in his vehicle by a rocket Sunday night.

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