Beltway Analysts Ponder, Why Subpoena Donald Trump Jr.?

Mickey Welsh  Advertiser via USA Today Network FILE

Mickey Welsh Advertiser via USA Today Network FILE

I was very surprised to see my son-my son is a good person, he works hard.

"For my son, after being exonerated, to now get a subpoena to go again, to speak again after close to 20 hours after telling everybody that would listen about a nothing meeting?" "That is our view, that the case is closed and it is time to move on, and I believe that when the Senate Intelligence Committee finally does report, which I think will not be too far down the road from here, they will reach the very same conclusion".

"I think that it's over", the Kentucky senator said, after discussing the depth of Mueller's investigation into the matter.

Top Republicans criticized the committee's decision to subpoena Trump Jr.

Led by Republican chairman Richard Burr, the intelligence panel is the only committee in the Republican-controlled Senate that has been conducting a bipartisan investigation into allegations of Russian interference in US politics.

Mueller's report, released last month, says Cohen recalled being in Trump's office "when Trump Jr. told his father that a meeting to obtain adverse information about Clinton was going forward".

Trump Says It Directly: "Mueller Should Not Testify"
He declined to make a decision on whether President Donald Trump should be charged with obstructing the investigation. In one instance, the report said McGahn defied an order from the president to remove Mueller from the investigation.

"I was in the room and my clear impression was that his answers were deliberately misleading and false", the Senate Judiciary Committee member added.

"[Donald Trump Jr.] has already spent dozens of hours testifying in front of congressional committees".

Committee sources would not confirm the subpoena or what they want to discuss with the president's eldest son, who now helps run the Trump Organization, the family's real estate empire, and helps his father re-election campaign.

The House Financial Services and Intelligence Committees are also investigating the President's finances and have delivered subpoenas to Deutsche Bank, Capitol One and other major banks. Endless investigations - by either party - won't change the fact that there was NO collusion. "There are a number of areas that need to be scrutinized by the Intelligence Committee".

Senators react to subpoena issued to Trump Jr. "It's time to focus on ISSUES, not investigations", House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) wrote on Twitter.

It's the first known subpoena for a member of Trump's immediate family. "He truly misled the Judiciary Committee, and now he needs to be held accountable, those answers about the Moscow Trump Tower, the meeting with Russian agents and other negotiations, really need to be answered". But Burr, who is retiring rather than face re-election in 2020, obviously made a decision to play ball with staff investigators and Democrats eager to delve further into any potential contradictions in Trump Jr.'s reams of previous testimony.

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