Don't celebrate dip in support just yet, Gauteng ANC warns opposition parties

President Cyril Ramaphosa delivering the closing address at the 2019 Africa Travel Indaba

President Cyril Ramaphosa delivering the closing address at the 2019 Africa Travel Indaba

This happened because the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), a breakaway from the ANC which espouses a more militant brand of African nationalism, agreed to support the country's second biggest party, the Democratic Alliance (DA), even though they differ on just about everything.

The partial results showed ANC ahead in Gauteng province, where South Africa's biggest city Johannesburg and the administrative capital Pretoria are located, while the DA-led in the Western Cape, home to Cape Town, where parliament resides.

The rand and government bonds firmed in early trade on Thursday, but traders said the currency was expected to be volatile as results emerge.

"We have seen a growing disaffection among people who identify in conservative circles and on the far right with the way which which the official opposition and other parties they may have supported have behaved over the last five years", he said.

"He has to balance his free market proclivities with the fact that there are a large number of South Africans who feel left behind", Campbell said.

South Africa was famous for its long lines of voters in the first post-apartheid election 25 years ago.

However, there is still support for the ANC, with some showing faith in Mr Ramaphosa.

As officials trudged through millions of votes on Thursday, election officials announced they would "urgently conduct" an audit into allegations that some citizens may have voted a couple of times, by removing the indelible ink voting officials put on every voter's thumb.

The ANC took 62% at the last general election in 2014. "They need to catch a wake-up".

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"It was so hard here in those days", she said, recalling how she and her friends were often detained by police because they did not have permission to work in Johannesburg.

"The IEC is sad to report the death of a deputy presiding officer in the Eastern Cape due to illness overnight and extends its condolences to the family".

Although the ANC has achieved important successes by providing formal housing and basic services like electricity to many black families for the first time, the scale of the problems it inherited means change has been slow and many people today are impatient for more.

The vote comes 25 years after the end of apartheid, but despite the demise of the system of racial discrimination the country remains divided by economic inequality. This is one of the most enduring regrets for the Rainbow Nation where whites - beneficiaries of apartheid - still control the levers of the economy while blacks wallow in poverty in the townships.

Based on those results, political analyst Melanie Verwoerd predicted the ANC was set for a vote share of 56% to 57%. The president is officially elected at that sitting.

At a recent ANC campaign rally, he also apologized for his party's mistakes.

Meanwhile the main opposition party, the DA, says it does not believe land reform needs to be "carried out in a way that takes from one to give to another", and instead promises to prioritise land reform in the budget and to release unused government land.

Votes are cast for party lists with seats in the 400-member National Assembly allocated according to the percentage vote of each party.

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